Thursday, 1 July 2010

Suffolk – A New Style Of Government?

Daniel Poulter

Michael Lord, Deputy Speaker of the House of Commons, retired in June and Dr Daniel Poulter took his place and won the Central Suffolk and North Ipswich seat in the recent General Election. We’ve been lucky enough to meet both of them at yet another great local initiative, The Kesgrave and District Business Forum, and feel that we have been and will be well served by both. Certainly Dr Daniel Poulter seems very clear about what he stands for and fortunately also appears to have boundless energy, necessary to meet all his varying commitments and also cover the seat of a neighbouring MP who is recovering from illness.

Dr Poulter told us, amongst other things, that he is for nuclear energy and the new reactors at Sizewell, and that Suffolk needs a more cohesive approach to tourism that may currently be fragmented under a number of different bodies. For more information, link to Dr Daniel Poulter.

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