Thursday, 22 July 2010

Suffolk Soul Singers

Sufflk Online - Suffolk Soul Singers

It’s hard to keep up with the news in Suffolk but we’re trying hard. Only four days late with this posting!

Our good friend Sally is a member of Suffolk Soul Singers, a truly uplifting group of people singing truly uplifting songs. We finally made the time to go and see them on Sunday at the Steamboat Tavern Ipswich.

A varied set included an all time favourite – Harvest For The World – by the Isley brothers, not to mention a huge number of other stirring soul hits. Stunning solos and duets, and a great backing band, just enhanced the appeal of the main attraction, the chorus itself, and we’d defy you not to start foot tapping and handclapping once your early inhibitions are overcome.

To find out more, link to the   Suffolk Soul Singers site on Facebook.

Apologies to all for the quality of today’ photo – there was so much rhythm and soul going on that it was difficult to focus on the shot!

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