Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Suffolk’s Sensational Songbirds

Suffolk Online - Twitter

A bit of a cheat title and photo; this posting is about Twitter, and the “songbirds” are the Tweeters that I follow. Those of you that haven’t yet engaged in Twitter will no doubt be stifling a yawn already but, speaking as a recent convert and near “addict”, I hope you will give it another go.

It took me three attempts to get my confidence on it, helped by some colleagues and friends. Now, in less than four weeks, I have discovered some amazing artisans, food producers, pubs, hotels and all round lovely individuals, right on my doorstep. In fact it was partly due to such discoveries that Suffolk Online has been quiet for a while – I just didn’t feel qualified to write about it with so many experts out there. The main downside is that having compressed my normal lengthy utterings into 140 characters, with such relative intensity, I was getting a little concerned as to whether I could still write for more “normal” media outlets – we shall see!

Suffolk Online is designed mainly to report on first hand experiences out and about in Suffolk. However we’re going to make an occasional exception for interesting sites we come across on Twitter so watch this space!

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