Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Ipswich Town Centre Draft Master Plan

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This week, Ipswich Borough Council invited discussion for their draft Master Plan for Ipswich town centre. The aim is to enhance, remodel and develop the town centre over a 15 year period ending in 2026.

Highlights include:
• the re shaping of the town centre so that its orientation
extends more north to south
• an additional 40,000m2 shopping floor space on three different sites 
• creation of street networks which promote leisure shopping that are attractive and convenient for all pedestrians
• promotion of a “cafĂ© culture” by permitting more food and drink uses in the town centre retail heart
• an improved open air market
•any large scale office development focused in the Ipswich Village/Portman Road areas
• promotion of residential development, particularly family units, throughout the town centre
• provision of a series of medium size short stay multi storey car parks 
• improved bus access to the central area
• relocation of the two bus stations to a single bus station on the Tacket Street car park and creation of enhanced satellite bus stops strategically positioned around the town centre
• improved cultural and leisure facilities, enhanced Museum & Arts Hub (High Street) and Arts & Conference facility (Education Quarter on the Waterfront)
• improved linkages for pedestrians between the Waterfront and town centre
• a comprehensive pedestrian information system, Walk Ipswich
Project (previously known as the Wayfinding Project) to aid movements for sustainable modes of travel

The plan is open for consultation until 23rd December 2011 – link to Ipswich Borough Council Web Page for full details and to have your say.

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