Thursday, 18 August 2016

Pigs Gone Wild In Ipswich

Suffolk Online - Pigs Gone Wild

Not before time, there seem to be quite a few good things happening in Ipswich. One of the very best projects  for a long time is Pigs Gone Wild. Bright, happy art and a variety of pigs with clever, corny titles forming part of a trail around town. Kids love it, it really has motivated many people to walk around and discover more of our county town, and the sight of a beautifully decorated, lifesize pig always makes me smile. So what a shame to say goodbye to the likes of “Ed Sheerham” and “Porkman Road” in early September and how I do wish I was rich enough to buy one of them when they are auctioned for St Elizabeth’s Hospice.

What a sparky idea, well executed and with so many facets. Brilliant!!!!

For more information go to The Pigs Gone Wild Website

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